Our decisions about refunds & cancellations are final, made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the facts and circumstances of the particular issue. We'll notify you if we decide to give a refund. All refunds are made at our sole discretion and without admission of liability. When understanding the types of refunds, remember that:

Pricing: The exact cost associated with your ad being shown to someone is determined in our ad auction. Prices differ as per the services selected.

Ad performance: We are unable to guarantee in every instance that your ad will reach its intended target or achieve the outcome you select. We don't give refunds for poor ad performance or return on investment.

Ads services availability: Our Ads status page provides advertisers with information about disruptions to our ads services and issues affecting Ads Manager. We don't automatically give refunds when ad services are unavailable or disrupted. We may consider issuing a refund on a case-by-case basis where we determine that ad delivery has been significantly affected, at a substantial rate and over a significant period, by an unplanned interruption to our ad services caused by a system bug. A system bug is a technical issue on our platform.

The following information about system bug issues isn't intended to be comprehensive:

  • Disruptions to insights or reporting: We don't typically give refunds for issues with insights or reporting, such as inaccurate or missing data caused by system bugs.
  • Blocked spend and under delivery: We don't give refunds for the inability to create new ads, view results, optimise delivery or where there has been under-delivery of existing ads due to a system bug. We don't refund for blocked creation of ads.
  • Over delivery and overspend: We may consider issuing a refund where a system bug results in overspend due to the wrong bid being used or the budget set in Ads Manager being exceeded.
  • Interface outages and failed API calls: We won't consider refunds for the inability to create ads, view results or optimise delivery based on results. We won't refund where system bugs, affecting interfaces, display in an obvious way that advertisers can see and correct for.
  • Ad-rendering issues: Ad-rendering issues caused by system bugs may include problems with image display and video functionality. We don't refund where the ad delivers consistently as shown in the ad preview. We don't issue refunds when the problem is isolated to the ad preview and doesn't significantly affect ad delivery.